Monday 2 February 2009

Snow crackers

I know, I know, that alot of you have enough snow to keep the whole world in snowballs and too much of the stuff is really annoying but...We love it here at chaincreative as it comes only once (if we're lucky) a year and doesn't stay long enough for us to bitch about it!!! Anyways, the start of it was very fortunate as all my kids and their wives and girlfriends were home and they had soooo much fun. Even the snowman was a bit of a dandy with his jaunty hat. He'll have a scarf today once I've kitted myself up in arctic wear!
Anyway, once that's done and the birds have something to get their beaks into instead of ice crystals, I've got projects and this is just the tip of my crochet iceberg!!
I love this as an opportunity to focus on all those little niggling crochet jobs that need doing but get put to the back of the pending cupboard. That is, however, after I've gone to play in the snow!!

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