Friday 16 January 2009

Just to remind you

Thank you for all the nice comments you leave about the blog and my creative musings. It's really terrific to know that there are people from around the globe that like to read all about crochet.
While I was pondering on the next post I was still thinking about the last and I suddenly realised that there was a great example of what I'd been talking about, and right under my nose! Vintage Crochet by Susan Cropper at Loop with, of course, many wonderful designs (and some by me!!!).

The one that I was particularly recalling was the Picnic Blanket and the lovely picture that Kristin took on the gate into our neighbouring field. Lots of nice memories and I was especially pleased with how the blanket turned out. With a central panel crocheted in fabric and outer motifs in a combination of fabric and linen yarn from Texere, this was a project that worked out really well. The book is now in it's second print-run so it seems there are many crocheters who love it too.

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