Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New Year's plans

We're so excited at chaincreative with lots of new plans for the blog this year and the most exciting project at the moment is planning the Designer Interviews for the next few months. They're a positive flock of talented contenders lined-up for your delight and I know you'll not be surprised to learn that they're all just the nicest people. Let me give you just a sample of their kind and generous replies to my interview request.
'Oh yes we've seen you're blog, it's fantastic. We would love to answer some questions. Anything that helps spread the love of crochet.Cheers,Brigitte and Janine'

'What a lovely message you have sent me. I would be delighted to answer some questions for your wonderful blog. I'm honored that you asked. Dennice.'

'Thank you so much for your beautiful message. We are thrilled by your interview request. You have the most amazing crochet blog we have seen on the net. We can not thank you enough for this lovely opportunity. Asyegul'

To whet your appetite for this exciting event let me just let you into a sneak preview of the proposed list of crochet heroes with their beautiful creations that I've pictured (from the top of the post down)with their creations in brackets:
IrregularExpressions (fabulous Lavendula necklace)

Gitte (cute Boo pendant)

LeilaandBen (Earflap hat pattern)

Hedda Vatter (decorative felt stone necklace)

Fringe (Out-of-the-Past Capelet)

Cosy up (Camille Capelet)

Is that enough to get the creative juices flowing? I think it's going to be a very happy crochet new year!


Suzanne said...

OH, OH.... I want to hear from Fringe. She is one very talented person. I drool at her beautiful things.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's wife

Veerle said...

Looking forward to read the interviews with my inspiring 'collegues' ;-)