Saturday, 21 February 2009

Bags of fun - Lisa Stickley

Despite the gloom I've been shopping. Only a teeny bit because we've all got to be a little 'sensible shoes' at this moment but anyway... A lovely shop in my local cathedral city is having to close due to the recession, Baby Love (they're online so I don't have to be completely deprived) and so I rushed in there before the final day and bought my beautiful project bag for all my...projects!!! They're stocking lots of lovely bags from Lisa Stickley which they'll be selling through their new venture, LinetheNest, in the Spring.
Lisa Stickley is someone I've clocked before for her style and sensitivity and her website is a joy. And I can go shopping there too!!! Virtually or by hopping on a bus south from Charing Cross. Hurrah! But if that isn't possible then there's online. It'll be the saviour of us all if the rents go up and the shops close.
My projects are now very happy but haven't disappeared. There's a hat for Fiona and a hooks bag and sewing kit for Rose and Susan. There's a pinafore I'm making from a Japanese book in Mericash which is also what I'm using for my Sunday Morning gloves which are in a heavenly blue and a pious (I'm carrying on the Sunday theme!!) brown.
I don't think my pussycat liked being snapped. He's such a divo!


elizaboo said...

Oh thank you for your visit and comment!! I am just taken aback by a coincidence; I'm coming to Islington mid March for the CL fair and said to my friend that I must leave time to visit Loop!! AND only two nights ago, I recommended that a friend of mine in London, who needs some creative therapy, contacts Loop to see what beginners workshops there are!! Nice to meet you - and your blog is completely inspirational!!

Boo x

Bee Creative said...

Ooodles of thanks! I'll link to you when I have a spare few mins and then we'll be chaincreative!!!

elizaboo said...

Yeah! I've linked you back - and I will let my friend know about crochet - I was taught only a few months ago and am hopelessly addicted (when I'm not knitting socks!!). Boo x

Veerle said...

Good luck with your running projects!

kate l said...

hi Bee - what's the multicoloured yarn you're using for that hexagon (or circle, I can't quite see!)... looks lovely x

Bee Creative said...

Hello Kate
It's a Habu yarn - watch this space and I'll let you know which one. It was the very devil to crochet with but worth it.