Wednesday 18 February 2009

The woods are alive

Bio-diversity isn't a speciality of nature alone. It's alive and very-much kicking in crochet!!! I found a wonderful designer through the wonderful blog Lime and Violet. I love it's sub-title, The Daily Chum! Let them speak for themselves. 'Lime and Violet is a mostly-weekly podcast about life, yarn, and knitting (in that order), started in June, 2006. In August ‘06, it was expanded into a message board community, and in May ‘07, an online shop.
Now, there’s a centralized place to come to online every day to find the newest books, yarns, and media reviews to enrich your knitting life.'

Whilst there, I spent a happy half hour or so just browsing their 'crochet' link and found a gem to pass onto you. Under their 'Freaks of Nature' post I found this amazing designer, Elaine Bradford.
So I grabbed my butterfly-net and went a-hunting on her web-site. Her vision of animals and nature in a state of change or distortion isn't frightening and really gives rather a warm, fuzzy image. As she says in her own statement, 'My sculptures are both sad and amusing, straddling the line between reality and comfortable, warm nonsense.' As readers to the blog know, I'm very happy to study all the multi-flavours crochet comes in, the small, the large and the weird. I've got a nice little collection of building projects to share so I think that'll be coming up shortly.
Until then, enjoy the wonderful world of Elaine Bradford and watch out for bears!

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Chrisy said...

Wonderful to see handcrafts being used in such a creative way...thanks so much for sharing..