Tuesday 10 February 2009

Blogs we like

I just wanted to shout about two blogs that I really like and thought that they needed signposting to you crocheters. Both are great for seeing the thought that goes into making something and I'm sure will ring some bells for all of us. We may not take pictures of our work in progress but we can all identify with the many ways we consider what to do next.

First up is from Denmark and is written by Mette an art director and crocheter. Mettetations is a meditation on crochet and very readable.

Next is withoutseams which has some fascinating stuff to look at - not least free patterns which are fabulous for a soggy winter's morning. I'm hoping that Michelle will submit herself for a chaincreative interview in the near future!

I popped in a picture from my gallery of projects to illustrate today's post. Meditations on a beach cover-up!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks again Bee for all your research work.
Easy for us!
Like the two blogs you mention, will try to follow them a bit

Bee Creative said...

Yes, I love them too. There's alot to look for out there in blogland. Bee xxx