Friday 27 March 2009

Summer of '68

Alot was happening in 1968 and not least some fine crochet!!! I've just taken delivery of yet another vintage Vogue Knitting book from Summer 1968, chock full of the most wonderful patterns and all set in around Shannon Airport in Ireland. Do not ask me why but the emphasis is Irish which means we all get to enjoy many an Irish crochet pattern. As this week is 'starch' week, I thought that it all blends together nicely.

As a little spring gift, I'm posting the motif pattern to this dress for you to adapt and experiment with - even throw in some starch. Enjoy!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bee - do you have Vogue Classic Crochet ? 80's book...this pattern is adapted to make an Irish Crochet Top...which somewhere I have ...having made it at college...urmmm...along time ago !
Steph x