Monday 30 March 2009

Time to crochet

Sorry about the pun title but the post was crying out for some sort of comment!
Lovely Aveen from angeltreats sent me an e-mail the other day about a post on design*sponge (the loveliest of the design blogs) and she wanted to pass on to us crochet fanatics. These clocks are from an Etsy designer at andfurthermore and are so quirky and useful at the same time.
The print is from dee beale and, although not a doily in the strictest sense, gives a crochet-girl pause for thought. It really puts me in mind of those beautiful sculptural doilies from Suzy_12 in my starch post last week.
The clocks are such a cool idea and would lend themselves to so many projects, both large and small. It runs nicely on from the starching ideas of last week. Isn't it funny, when you think of something then lots of ideas seem to leap to your attention? The starch post seems to be so relevant to many things I've been reading about this weekend (doily clocks being one of them) and I'll be posting about another at the end of the week.
So time marches on!


Aveen said...

Oh I do love those doilies! I made a bright pink doily myself on Saturday, thinking I'd either frame it or make it into a clock like these. I'll send you a photo when it's blocked and starched!

Binoo said...

Lovely !
Well done !
I love your blog, I read you back soon...