Monday 16 March 2009

Updates and some jewellery highlights

I'm in the early process of thinking about my jewellery workshops in the summer. I want to be able to create an atmosphere of feverish creativity!!! Or just a really pleasant day in the country with some like-minded crochet addicts and some wire and beads!!!

Anyway, when you're starting on a project like this, it's a good idea to get lots of material to inspire and inform and of course the best place is with those who are talented and prolific. Immediately I thought of a couple of chaincreative's friends, Veerle at nevousinstallezpas and Yoola at Design with a crochet needle. Both designers are wonderful for the amount they tell you about their creative thoughts and for a look at what goes into the making of crochet jewellery and, in the case of Yoola, working with wire. I hope you love their work as much as I do and visit their blogs which are personal journeys with their work.

Now I can find some starting points for my thoughts for the summer workshops. They should be really inspiring!


Anonymous said...

Always a happy feeling here, when I see that my work is featured!
Wish you lot of success with your summer workshops! and do'nt forget to show us the results ;-)

gaialai said...

Wow !!! Amazing Jewelry!!! You are very talented artist!!

YooLa said...

Hi Bee, thanks for following my work, its a great support.
I love your blog and keep following it :)
did you see i past over to you a blog award?
take care
Yael (YooLa)

Aveen said...

Just sent you an email Bee, so disappointed I can't make it to your jewellery days :( It's not fair! But hope to see you in August for felting. Love the jewellery in this post, that's more websites I'll have to check out!