Friday 13 March 2009

Woven crochet

Back from a quick trip to Norfolk (the big sky of England) and fooling around on the internet I stumbled across an Australian designer who I've passed on to you before - Sarah London, who I featured as part of the granny square thread. This time was after I had been viewing some vintage patterns on ebay and a particularly good source, Patrician 1098. In amongst the many wonderful vintage Vogue magazines was one for gloves and mittens and a pattern for Norwegian woven crochet. Hmm, woven crochet? So I googled and found Sarah's flikr pages which certainly gave me a lovely jolt of colour this morning. The room positively lit up when the Wool-Eater Blanket came on the screen and you can see the pattern on her ex-blog (she's just moved to another address). Wow!
The woven crochet came to light with her picture and tutorial for a fascinating little sample which leaves so much room for adaption and is a simple as waking up on a bright morning!!! Check her tutorial for this as well.

So back to the original motivation for this, Norway. I found a beautiful example from Etsy and The High North out of Oslo. The warmth of this cosy blanket must be enhanced
by all the woven work.

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Guro said...

Thank you so much for pointing me to the tutorial. I have to try this, it's so beautiful!