Wednesday 10 June 2009

Flying without wings

It's almost a year ago that the Crochet Coral Reef project rolled into town at the Hayward Gallery. I know that many of you were able to visit the exhibition and those who could not were able to follow it's progress round the globe.
The principles involved with 'hyperbolic' crochet are deeply imbedded in the freeform crochet movement (or vice versa). I'm going to confess some lack of knowledge and experience here, but I know that it's pretty huge!!! There's someone freeforming somewhere at this very moment!
I mentioned that pintangle had called over to chaincreative the other day and, calling in on the blog yesterday, I see that she's writing about a rather special exhibition and competition which might interest the freeformers. At the International Freeform Crochet Guild you can find details and further explanation. Reading more about the freeform movement, however, I'm guessing that if you're a real fan then you already know all about it. It sounds like a great clan of like-minded people who share their knowledge very happily. Anyway, get scrumbling!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bee,
The International Guild of Freeform Crochet currently has it's 2009 exhibition "Four Seasons" on-line. 52 International Freeform artista are showing their work , including some world renowned knit & crochet fiber artists - I also have a couple of pieces in the exhibition. For inspiring freeform crochet this is the place to look !