Monday 7 September 2009

Stand by your crochet hooks

I was contacted by the nice folks at Craftzine, an online craft blog magaziney type of thing, that has alot of projects in various craft mediums. I like to dip in for tips and links and I'm pretty sure I've pointed you in that direction before. Anyway, do visit because I do feel you'll find something of interest there. Before you reach for the link button, let me just tell you of a plan they've got afoot to get everyone to muster to their stash bag and hook supply.

Starting on Tuesday 8 September, the first lesson to create a wee amigurumi Fuzzy Panda is being featured and I think it could be the easiest-peasiest ways of learning to amigurumi (can it be a verb?). I do know that many people would love to get to grips with amigurumi and make some well-crafted critters and this might be the chance they need. The secret of good amigurumi is in the stitch marker. You really do need to keep an eye on those stitches and that they don't increase or otherwise - well, without being told to. A good eye to the markers is the answer. The pattern, by Tamie Snow, is lovely and clear (but remember, English makers, it's North American terms).

Good luck with that one, my dears, but all I ask is maybe lay off the bubble-gum pink! Unless it's a petit cadeau for a Barbie.

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Anna said...

thanks for the tip, i have yet to try amigurumi and this will be a good place to start!