Monday 12 October 2009

Hook Heaven

Well, I'm back and today the weather is a lovely Autumnal glow. The trip away was divine and restful. I know when people go away some like to go shopping too but I certainly lose my shopping mojo - and a good thing too, I hear you say.

I didn't completely go off the radar, however, and found myself back in my old home town of Pacific Grove on the Monterey Peninsula and just happened to drift into Monarch Knitting and Quilts. Sadly I didn't have too much space for yarn but I could easily slip in a crochet hook and the one I chose is proving to be a bit of a find. I don't think it's stocked here in the UK (anyone know?). The hook in question comes from Laurel Hill handmade needles and hooks with the tag-line Exotic, Handmade and Sustainable. All at Reasonable Prices. I like the sound of that and certainly the hook I bought was all of that. Mine was made of palmwood which I couldn't find on the online store but they are such a nice bunch at the end of an e-mail that I'm sure I could track down more.

The hooks are so smooth and are light and comfortable to hold with it's special finger hold. I still love my Clover Soft Touch but this lovely natural alternative is coming into the favourite's paddock as a close second.

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