Saturday 19 September 2009

Not a granny

There's been some tedious words written about Cate Blanchett's red carpet moment this week. I can't be bothered to repeat where such nonsense has been published or said. Suffice to say, anything the gal wore would look fabulous and this is such an interesting choice. It certainly puts crochet at centre stage and brought it out from under the blanket. For too long it's languished as the choice for people using up scraps and dismissed as knitting's sad sister.
Now it's got a pair of killer heels and an attitude. Hurrah.
The designers, Romance Was Born, are an Australian duo and they're wonderfully boosted by the criticism of the dress being too reminiscent of something made by a senior, "That's exactly what it is," said Luke Sales, one half of Sydney design duo, Romance Was Born.
"We cut it up and it was hand-crocheted by my mother, so how could we be offended?" he laughed.'
'Sales said Blanchett specifically requested the dress herself and took the star's new moniker, "Cate Blanket", as a compliment. "There is no one else I would rather see wear it than Cate, I just knew it would be amazing on her," he said.

"There's a sense of humour to everything we do, so no one can really offend us.

"At the end of the day Cate Blanchett is wearing our dress and she is who she is."




Lovely creative post - thank you !

oklyous said...

Hm.. personally I would never wear anything that is a combination of black and colours. But that is a matter of opinion..
But none the matter, pretty cool she wore it!

Jane said...

I might be the only one, but I love this dress. I'm so impressed with Cate for choosing to wear it. I think it is awesome. I crochet, and have tried knitting and don't care much for it, and am always trying to find "non-granny square" things to crochet; and I was still blown away by this granny-squares dress on gorgeous (and fashion savvy) Cate Blanchett!

YooLa said...

cool :)