Tuesday 22 December 2009

Back in the house

Phew!!! That was fun! I've been having a jolly 6 week roller-coaster ride with orders from notonthehighstreet and just couldn't tear myself away to write about, let alone do, any crochet. Now the Christmas rush has fled to the Sales, I'm able to return to much more creative pastures. Mind you, I haven't ignored stitchy stuff and I thought, as we approach a fairly calm time for us creative types, you might enjoy a few suggestions of how to fill your time! Ha!!
With this in mind, I've come across a very nice website, Crafty Crafty. Having a variety of columnists means that it is very rich in source material and their posts are about everything from knitting and crochet to beauty products.
In my trawling through the crochet pages (well, what would you expect) I came across this post about the Woodland Cuckoo Clock. I adore this as it has the look of something out of Grimm's Fairy Tales and northern forests. Very seasonal!
I'm finding it hard to research this as the site where the pictures are taken from is in Japanese. Not my strongest language. So I appeal for help from any of my readers with a greater knowledge than me.
For a taster of what we're missing in our lack of knowledge take a look at the hyperbolic craziness of the clock and it's maker. It's as if Arthur Rackham had taken up a crochet hook instead of a pencil.

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martha mcbride said...

Love the look of the clock, what site did you find these? Loove it!