Saturday, 2 January 2010

It might be snowing...

Happy New Year and decade to all the crochet world and beyond. I've had a lovely break and am ready and raring to go creatively. I've had a bit of time to travel across the crochet net in between sledding on our first snow of the season. It's been so lovely to see the crisp white fields and my twenty-something kids still get a kick out of flying down the bumpy slopes, get covered in snow and still come out smiling! Pictures later of that and my latest project with pattern. A neckerchief in Habu tumugi silk which needs a teeny hook but can be adapted up to a sport or even worsted weight.
Now back to the reason I posted today. Nice new sites to visit with free patterns and some old friends with free patterns too. All of them are on a theme which fits nicely with a mood for brighter, lighter days. Flowers and lots of them.

Rose Hip is a site I have come across before but for some reason I haven't flagged it up to you. It's a pure joy with lovely cheerful colours and some inspiration and ideas. She is firm fan of flowers (ooo, lots of ffffff!!!) in her use of prints and in the lovely spring-like colours she chooses. The pattern she lets us use is one that alot of my crochet students would be delighted to dip into. I get asked alot for a pattern like this, an Irish crochet flower granny. If you get really carried away she continues the Irish theme with some pretty motifs to sprinkle on yourself and your home!!
The last of my flower theme is from an old friend of chaincreative, Roman Sock (do you remember the meerkats?) and her Mollie flowers which are as easy as ice cream and pretty as a picture. Have a lovely time and look forward to spring.

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crochetdlane said...

LOVE all those colors of those flowers! Makes me ready for spring!