Wednesday 21 May 2008

Jessica Polka and the dynamics of crochet

I have featured Jessica in an earlier post and am a huge fan of her skill. We've been chatting through the e-waves and she has kindly given me permission to publish her designs for her Sculptural Crochet Primer. It may sound like something out of the classroom but is anything but, and really serves as a visual example as to how to set up your own designs. She's definitely telling the truth when she says that crochet needs to be seen in it's 'enormous sculptural potential'. That's hefty words but so challenging to all us crochet crazies! Jessica also points the way to another area that we've dealt with at chaincreative; Hyperbolic Crochet! Now, I'm going to confess, this isn't somewhere I've been before but I'm now beginning to get the idea. If you are into the math of the concept then the Institute of Figuring is the place for you with an interview with the main personalities involved. If you're more into the look of the thing then check out the Institute's gallery of crochet models.
Let's return to Jessica for the final words today. I love her cabinet of crochet elements which is rather like something Darwin might have had on his travels!!! If you want to learn about her skills and philosophy then hop over to her blog, Wunderkammer, her own 'cabinet of curiousity'. If you're feeling even more adventurous then go to her etsy pages where you can purchase patterns for a Gentleman Prawn or jellyfish and many more salty friends.
Thank you Jessica!!

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